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ESDO cooperates with national digestive oncology associations and other local or European groups in the field of digestive oncology to stimulate high-quality scientific exchange and multidisciplinary education. Our portfolio comprises different types of cooperation:

ESDO Labelled Meetings

Labelled Meetings are educational meetings organized by other associations or groups. After evaluation by the ESDO Governing Board that the proposed program is of a high academic standard, ESDO grants the ESDO Label. Do you want to apply for the ESDO Label for your meeting? Click here to download the application form. Completed applications must be submitted to ESDO at least 3 months prior to the event.

ESDO Supported Meetings

Supported Meetings are educational meetings proposed, arranged and financed by a third party. After evaluation by the ESDO Governing Board that the proposed program is of a high academic standard, ESDO can grant the event support and make a maximum of 2-3 speakers from ESDO available. The multidisciplinary ESDO Lecturer Pool comprises excellent and internationally renowned experts in the field of GI Cancer. Do you want to apply for ESDO Meeting Support? Click here to download the application form. Completed applications must be submitted to ESDO at least 6 months prior to the event.

ESDO Partnership Meetings

Partnership Meetings are contractual joint venture events between ESDO and other associations or groups that promote high quality education in the field of digestive oncology. ESDO is represented on the Scientific Committee. Please contact the ESDO Office for more information. 

JFHOD 26 - 29 March 2020, Paris

ESDO Supported Meeting

French Congress on hepato-gastroenterology and digestive oncology


ESDO will again support this important French Congress on hepato-gastroenterology and digestive oncology, organized by SNFGE in collaboration with FMC-HGE

Each year, JFHOD brings together 4.000 delegates, including hepatogastroenterologists and oncologists, as well as digestive surgeons, pediatric gastroenterologists, anatomopathologists, researchers, radiologists, internists, medical students and more than 200 GIFE nurses.

more information to come soon www.jfhod.com



5th Frankfurt Symposium, March 27 -28, 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany

ESDO Labelled Meeting

Workshop on Gastrointestinal Tumors


ESDO is delighted to endorse the 5th Frankfurt Symposium organised by MCI in Germany. 

The concept of the Frankfurter Symposium is based on interactive and communicative modules, in which the participants get to interact directly with experts. Professor Al-Batran will be leading the scientific committee, focussing on the topic of "gastrointestinal tumors".


Have a look at the preliminary programme. More information can be obtained at the event website



GI Oncology Update, June 6, 2020, Wiesbaden

ESDO Partnership Meeting

Mark your calendar for the 16th Interdisciplinary Update in GI Oncology


ESDO has again the pleasure to support this important event in Germany and invites you to join us in Wiesbaden. Get a tailored top-class update from renowned experts on the various disciplines concerned with GI Cancers under the auspices of ESDO.

The programme is online. For registration and more information please go to www.gi-oncology.de




4th ESDO MASTERCLASS November 6 - 7, 2020 Berlin, Germany

ESDO Partnership Meeting

Omics meets clinics in GI Cancer



for the 4th ESDO Masterclass "Omics meets clinics in GI Cancer"  taking place in Berlin   from November  6-7, 2020


Organising Committee:   Thomas Seufferlein, Germany / Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium


more details to come soon



ESGAR ESDO Workshop November 6 - 7, 2020 in Bucharest

ESDO Partnership Meeting

Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic and GI Tract Neoplasms: a multidisciplinary imaging approach


Together with the Organising Committee of the European Society of Abdominal and Gastrointestinal Radiology (ESGAR), it is our pleasure to invite you to this multidisciplinary course focused on an integrated approach of imaging in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer

The target group consists of senior residents and specialist involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with hepatic, pancreatic and GI tract neoplasms (such as radiologists, nuclear medicine specialists, surgeons, oncologists, gastroenterologists and radiotherapists)

For more details please see the website 




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