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2nd ESDO-IDCA GI Cancer Workshop on the occasion of UEG Week Amsterdam

As last year’s workshop at UEG Week Stockholm 2011 was an enormous success, ESDO has again been entrusted by the United European Gastroenterology (UEG) to develop another GI Cancer Workshop on the occasion of UEG Week Amsterdam 2012, together with the International Digestive Cancer Alliance, IDCA.

The workshop gave a comprehensive overview on the most relevant techniques used to establish biomarkers as well as their pros and cons and provided the state of the art on biomarkers in screening, early detection, evaluation of prognosis and response prediction for gastrointestinal malignancies. In addition, the view of the pharmaceutical industry on biomarkers in GI oncology was discussed.

Thanks to our excellent Faculty the workshop distinguished itself in top scientific quality and precious exchange of ideas with leading experts in the field of GI oncology.

Our appreciated Faculty Members and Chairs 2012, in alphabetical order:
Meinhard Classen, Germany
Gianfranco Delle Fave, Italy
Thomas Gress, Germany
Stefan Hahn, Germany
Stephen Halloran, UK
Ernst Kuipers, The Netherlands
Pierre Laurent-Puig, France
Heinz Linhart, Germany
Murielle Mauer, Belgium
Patrick Michl Germany
Chris Mulder, The Netherlands
Colm O'Morain, Ireland
Marc Peeters, Belgium
Thierry Ponchon, France
Jaroslav Regula, Poland
Philippe Rougier, France
Stefan Scherer, Switzerland
Peter Schirmacher, Germany
Wolff Schmiegel, Germany
Dietrich Seidel, Germany
Thomas Seufferlein, Germany
Jens Siveke, Germany
Reinhold Stockbrügger, Italy
Guido Tytgat, The Netherlands
Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium
Philippe Van Hootegem, Belgium
Jean-Luc Van Laethem, Belgium
Lawrence von Karsa, France

ESDO Members will be able to download presentation slides of our speakers at the Members Area of this website shortly!
Last but not least, ESDO cordially thanks all the participants that essentially contributed to the success of the 2nd ESDO-IDCA GI Cancer Workshop!

You can download the final workshop programme here.

» GI Cancer Workshop 2011 - in retrospect

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