ESDO cooperates with national digestive oncology associations and other local or European groups in the field of digestive oncology to stimulate high-quality scientific exchange and multidisciplinary education. Our portfolio comprises different types of cooperation:

ESDO Labelled Meetings

Labelled Meetings are educational meetings organised by other associations or groups. After the evaluation by the ESDO Governing Board that the proposed program is of a high academic standard, ESDO grants the ESDO Label and promotes the event. Do you want to apply for the ESDO Label for your meeting? Click here to download the application form. Completed applications must be submitted to ESDO at least 3 months prior to the event.

ESDO Supported Meetings

Supported Meetings are educational meetings proposed, organised and financed by a third party. After the evaluation by the ESDO Governing Board that the proposed programme is of a high academic standard, ESDO can grant the event support and promotion and send a maximum of 2-3 speakers from ESDO. The multidisciplinary ESDO Lecturer Pool comprises excellent and internationally renowned experts in the field of GI Cancer. Do you want to apply for ESDO Meeting Support? Click here to download the application form. Completed applications must be submitted to ESDO at least 6 months prior to the event.

ESDO Partnership Meetings

Partnership Meetings are contractual joint venture events between ESDO and other associations or groups that promote high quality education in the field of digestive oncology. ESDO has to  be represented in the Scientific Committee and in the faculty. Please contact the ESDO Office for more information. 

ESDO Meetings

ESDO Meetings organised by ESDO office focus on high quality education in the field of digestive oncology. ESDO is entirely responsible for the programme. Please contact the ESDO Office for sponsorships and more information. 

UEG Online Education

Virtual Meetings and online courses organised by UEG - United European Gastroenterology and their partners, covering the majority of topics from the interdisciplinary fields of Gastroenterology. UEG is responsible for the programme.

Upcoming Educational Meetings


Research, ESDO Partnership Meeting

Evidence-based Participatory Decision Making for Colorectal Cancer Prevention


ONCODIR is developing a platform based on artificial intelligence and privacy principles. It will provide recommendation services based on input from citizens, clinicians and policy-makers. We will consider factors such as lifestyle, nutrition and economics. To validate the ONCODIR results, we will conduct laboratory tests and pilots in five EU countries that will involve medical scientists, healthcare providers, foundations and consortium experts and will consider cost-effectiveness, affordability and cost-benefit parameters. The ONCODIR consortium consists of partners from diverse technological and scientific domains with a strong research capacity. ONCODIR is part of the Cancer Mission cluster of projects focused on prevention and early detection.”

ESDO is proud to be a partner of this programme.

Look for details on the ONCODIR website





Research, ESDO Partnership Meeting

A European “Shield” against Colorectal Cancer


ONCOSCREEN project plans to develop a ground-breaking set of technologies and methods for colorectal cancer screening and to improve its early detection. In close cooperation with other Mission Cancer projects, ONCOSCREEN will provide solutions for risk-stratified cancer screening programmes for citizens, an integrated diagnostic decision support tool for clinicians as well as intelligent monitoring tools for policy makers. The project will collaborate closely with national cancer mission hubs to facilitate policy dialogue on cancer and related research actions.

ESDO is proud to be a partner of this programme.

Look for details on the ONCOSCREEN website




ESMO GI Cancers Congress, 26 - 29 June 2024, Munich

ESDO Partnership Meeting

ESDO is partner of the annual ESMO Gastrointestinal Cancers Congress


save the date for the premier global event in the field of GI Cancer in 2024


ESMO GI will take place as an onsite and online event in Munich, Germany, from 26 to 29 June 2024.

The ESMO Gastrointestinal Cancers Congress is the leading global platform for discussing the latest data in this rapidly advancing scientific field. It will provide global visibility for original clinical and translational research.

Please have a look at the preliminary programme and visit the event website for more details here 





UEG Week 12 -15 October 2024 hybrid in Vienna, Austria

ESDO Partnership Meeting

UEG Week is the largest and most prestigious digestive diseases meeting in Europe


ESDO will again be part of UEG Week in Vienna, Austria 2024

The largest and most prestigious meeting of its kind in Europe attracts more than 14,000 specialists from across the world. It features the latest advances in clinical management, the best research in GI and liver disease and includes several symposia and fora on cutting edge gastroenterology and hepatology topics.

Share your research with renowned experts and peers from across the globe. Find out moren by visiting




Open Balkan Digestive Oncology Expert Meeting, Belgrade 25-26 Oct 2024

ESDO Labelled Meeting

Innovations and artificial intelligence in prevention and treatment.


ESDO is delighted to endorse the 2nd Balkan oncology expert meeting in Belgrade, organised by the Association of Digestive Oncology of Serbia ADOS in Belgrade 25-26 October 2024. The meeting gathers participants from all Balkan countries and is focused on the treatment of gastric cancers with case reports and updates on the management of oncologic patients.

for details please see the event site


8th ESDO MASTERCLASS 8-9 November 2024 in Berlin, Germany

ESDO Meeting, ESDO Partnership Meeting

*Novel Strategies in GI Oncology*


Please save the date for the 8th ESDO GI MASTERCLASS from 8 - 9 November 2024. We will meet live in Berlin, Germany

Datails and Programme can be seen here




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