Immunology and Cancer - from Bench to Bedside

ONLINE REGISTRATION extended until September 30, 2018

The European Society of Digestive Oncology proudly presents our 2nd Masterclass organised in collaboration with the Francophone Federation of Digestive Oncology, FFCD taking place in the south of France at the historic Palais du Pharo in Marseille

During 2 days, international experts will teach on the latest discoveries of Immunotherapy for Digestive Cancers with multidisciplinary views.

Scientific Committee:

Thomas  Aparicio,  Laetitia  Dahan,  Thomas  Gruenberger,  Côme  Lepage,  Tamara  Matysiak,   Pierre  Michel,   Jean-Marc  Phelip,  Wolff  Schmiegel,  Jean-Francois  Seitz,  Thomas  Seufferlein,  Julien  Taieb,  Eric  Van Cutsem,  Jean-Luc  Van Laethem


Jaafar Bennouna, Nantes /  Franck Carbonnel, Paris /  Nathalie Chaput, Paris /  Laëtitia, Dahan, Marseille /  Jean-  Jacques Grob, Marseille / Ulrich Güller, St. Gallen /  Regis Josien, Nantes / Pierre Laurent-Puig, Paris / Côme Lepage, Dijon /  Egesta Lopci, Milano /  Tamara Matysiak, Nantes /  Laura Mezquita, Paris /  Markus Möhler, Mainz /  Simon Pernot, Paris /  Jean-Marc  Phelip, Saint-Étienne /  Jens Ricke, Munich /  Wolf  Schmiegel, Bochum /  Thomas Seufferlein, Ulm /  Magali Svrcek, Paris /  Julien Taieb, Paris /  David Tougeron, Poitiers /  Eric Van Cutsem, Leuven /  Eric Vivier, Marseille

Please have a look here at the online   SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME  and the detailed  TIMETABLE

Interested physicians are welcome to participate and submit their CV to ESDO office     First-come first-serve for applications, limited capacity. ESDO provides accommodation and boarding during the event. If you need support for travel, please inquire with us.

Registration fee incl. accommodation & boarding: € 100 for members of FFCD, ESDO and members of our affiliated societies (150 € for non members)


For registrations after August 31, 2018 please note that hotel accommodation depends on availability.

Cancellation policy:
If for some reason you are unable to attend the Masterclass, please inform us as quickly as possible by writing to Unfortunately ESDO is not able to offer refunds on bookings, due to the limited space available on the course. Name changes will be accepted.

Organisation & Registration:
Liz Tanzer  tel. +43 676 707 6079 ESDO c/o VMA, 1090 Vienna, Alser Strasse 4

Onsite Organisation & Accreditation:
Aurélie Gaudron tel. +33 03 80 38 13 14 FFCD  21079 DIJON Cedex, 7 Boulevard Jeanne d’Arc

travel & flight information:


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