*Save the date for the coming Masterclass in Poland* 5 - 6 September 2021

Organising Committee:   Jaroslaw Regula, Poland / Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium


VIRTUAL 4th ESDO MASTERCLASS free for members

Given the uncertainty of Covid-based health measures and travel regulations across Europe in the coming weeks and months, the Masterclass is held as a virtual event this year.

Internationally renowned experts with multidisciplinary views teach and discuss the latest discoveries in diagnostics and engage in pro and contra debates about treatments of digestive cancers.

The online event will take place Thursay & Friday starting 17:00 CEST and Saturday morning 9:00 CEST, sessions on each day take approximately 2,5 hours. Please stay tuned!

Please see the   VIRTUAL PROGRAMME 

All sessions will be available online for participants after the event

Organising Committee:   Thomas Seufferlein, Germany / Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium


Ambros Beer, Germany /  Alica Beutel, Germany /  Melanie Börries, Germany /  Rickmer Braren, Germany /  Federica di Nicolantonio, Italy /   Michela Guardascione, Italy /  Jörg Hoheisel, Germany /   Steven A. Johnsen, USA  / Côme Lepage, France /  Sylvie Lorenzen, Germany /  Tamara Matysiak-Budnik, France /  Violaine Randrian, France /  Jaroslaw Regula, Poland /  Thomas Seufferlein, Germany /  Jens Siveke, Germany /  Patrick Starlinger, Austria /  Andrea Tannapfel, Germany /  Eric Van Cutsem, Belgium /  Jean-Luc van Laethem, Belgium /  Chris Verslype, Belgium /  Arndt Vogel, Germany


Regular registration fee€ 100

FREE webinar access for ESDO members and partner societies only - apply for ESDO membership HERE


Organisation & Registration:

Liz Tanzer masterclass@remove-this.esdo.eu  tel. +43 1 4051383-38
ESDO c/o WMA GmbH, 1090 Vienna, Alser Strasse 4

Virtual Webinar Organisation:

Bettina Pugl masterclass@remove-this.esdo.eu  tel. +43 1 4051383-37
WMA GmbH, 1090 Vienna, Alser Strasse 4


Supporting Partners:


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