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ESDO is partner of EuropaColon. It is the vision of EuropaColon to grow new groups and support existing organisations to increase awareness of colorectal cancer and so to improve care and support for patients.
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Felix Burda Foundation

ESDO is in close contact with the Felix Burda Foundation, providing advice and support for colon cancer patients. For more information, please visit

I want to learn more on familial and hereditary colorectal cancer risk

Questionnaire on familial and hereditary colorectal cancer risk Colorectal Cancer is a diagnosis that can be inherited, i.e. it can be passed on. The existence of a hereditary or familial colorectal cancer diagnosis implies for the first-degree relatives of the CRC patient (parents, siblings and children), that they might encounter a higher risk for colorectal cancer already whilst being a young adult. 

In most cases of hereditary colorectal cancer the individual risk of contracting colorectal cancer can be drastically reduced if the correct risk-adapted prevention measures are taken. 

Many people who have one or more direct relative with colorectal cancer, are not aware about their increased colorectal cancer risk. It is therefore essential to find methods helping with the identification of these people. One possible solution is the following questionnaire, which is based on the complex Amsterdam and Bethesda criteria. The Questionnaire was developed by the Felix Burda Foundation and the German Network against Colorectal Cancer as well as international experts and it was presented together with the Call to Action at the Joint Common Interest Group (CIG) workshop on colorectal cancer screening implementation on the 23./24.10.2010 in Barcelona. The questionnaire is meant as a tool helping doctors with the identification of individuals with a familial CRC risk. It can also be used as a hand-out to patients enabling them to identify a higher risk themselves. The questionnaire is available for download in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Turkish. It is designed to be adaptable to each countries own requirements. 

Questionnaire (English)
Questionnaire (French)
Questionnaire (Italian) 
Questionnaire (Spanish)
Questionnaire (Turkish)


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