ESDO´s publications cover a broad spectrum of GI Oncology news:

ESDO GI bullets
Starting in 2023, the ESDO BULLETS by the Young Group of the European Society of Digestive Oncology provide regular overviews and summaries of the latest publications in GI oncology from major journals. We cover topics which are interesting for digestive oncology specialists as well as for clinicians with multi-disciplinary background. The bullets provide direct links to each publication.

ESDO GI Slide Decks
ESDO is pleased to present slide sets annually designed to highlight and summarise key findings in gastrointestinal cancers from the major congresses (i.a. ASCO, ASCO-GI, ECCO-ESMO, WCGIC). The area of clinical research in oncology is a challenging and ever changing environment. Within this environment, we all value access to scientific data and research which helps to educate and inspire further advancements in our roles as scientists, clinicians and educators.

Documents & Guidlines
We provide slides of excellent lectures from international experts in Digestive Oncology as well as press releases and clinical practice guidelines elaborated by ESDO in cooperation with the leading European Societies concerned with GI Oncology.

Watch the recordings of selected ESDO events online!

ESDO Survey on Digestive Oncology
To elude the need for harmonizing educational and treatment standards in Digestive Oncology ESDO launched a survey to collect comparative data on the situation of Digestive Oncology in the different European countries.

Poster Corner
ESDO is proud of its Individual Members coming from all over the world and supporting us in developing GI Oncology further. We are pleased to see that even the very young Members of ESDO successfully submit excellent papers for oral and poster presentation at the top leading congresses in the field. We want to show you some great examples.

ESDO eNewsletter
Our monthly newsletter summarizes news and information on our activites, on the world of Digestive Oncology and related fields.


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