Corporate Sponsors

ESDO Corporate Sponsors are industrial companies active in the field of Digestive Oncology that support our Society with unrestricted educational grants, following our Society Statutes and promoting the aims of our Society.

The ESDO Governing Board decides on the admission of membership of corporate members and informs the General Assembly on a yearly basis. The decisions of the Governing Board are completely independent and the Society´s finances are transparent to the General Assembly of ESDO.

Are you interested in becoming a Corporate Sponsor of ESDO?

ESDO invites all companies interested in and concered with GI Cancer to support our Society to develop GI Oncology in Europe. ESDO is growing steadily and is developing the leading European platform in its field.

The focus of ESDO lies on building further expertise for physicians with special interest, knowledge and expertise in GI tumours. ESDO aims to improve and propagate optimal medical treatment of GI-tract tumours, particularly to develop a multidisciplinary evidence-based approach. Furthermore, it is ESDO's mission to enhance and promote screening, early detection, primary prevention and management of pre-malignant and/or malignant diseases of the Gl-tract as well as to promote research in digestive oncology. ESDO's particular interest is also to organize education and academic exchanges in the field of digestive oncology and to develop guidelines and recommendations for all aspects of digestive oncology for the benefit of patients.


  • Publication of your logo on the ESDO website.
  • Acknowledgement of your logo in ESDO printed matters.
  • Preferential treatment of sponsors at ESDO events.
  • Professional management of ESDO as association.
  • Networking opportunities with key opinion leaders.
  • Visibility and promotion at major European meetings e.g. annual UEG Week, annual World Congress on GI Cancer et al.

Please contact the ESDO Office to arrange for an individualized sponsorship agreement and to confer how to communicate your company's portfolio best possible.

ESDO Acknowledgements

ESDO would like to thank its Coorporate Sponsors for their unrestricted educational grants in support of our Society.



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